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Episode 23

Tidbit Tuesday . . . Postcard Moments and Planned Happenchance

This was fun.  Your host, Gigi Johnson, has been speaking for college classes this past week and kept being asked to tell her/my story of the pivot points and non-linear decisions over 9 careers.

So in this Tuesday Tidbit segment, I share the story of how I changed into a film major at USC based on postcard from my teaching assistant for a single class.  That changed my life and direction and those changes echo through my choices to this day.

What postcards have you gotten in your life -- or elements that nudged you to turn left or right?  Do you see them?  Do you send them?  

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Gigi Johnson founded Maremel, which runs transformative programs, invests, advises, and produces multimedia on creativity and technology. Her current initiatives include the Amplify Music conferences, podcast, channel, and research with 45 organizations; books on technology and creative work; events on local creative startups; and a new creative industries skills training program. She taught for 22 years at UCLA, where she ran the Center for Music Innovation, built four industry-connecting programs, and taught undergraduates, MBAs, and executives about disruption in creative industries. Before UCLA, she financed media M&A at Bank of America for ten years. She holds a doctorate in educational leadership for change from Fielding Graduate University, an MBA from UCLA Anderson, and a BA in film/TV production from USC.